Picture of Facial Kit for Dry Skin (Vata)

Facial Kit for Dry Skin (Vata)

Facial kit contains 6 products for a complete SPA style Facial, which are : - Cleanser, Scrub, Facial Massage Oil, Mask, Toner and Moisturizer. All products are 100% Natural.

Facial kit for Dry Skin (or the Vata Dosha) is best suited for Facials for Dry Skin or of the Vata dosha type as per Ayurveda. If your skin is acne-prone, please use the Normal / Sensitive Facial Kit instead of the Dry one. Each kit is sufficient for 10 - 15 complete Facials. For details on how to do a Facial at home please check our SPA style Home Facials Step-by-Step guide.


The accessories shown in the picture are not part of the product and can be purchased separately in the Accessories section.

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Facial Kit for Dry Skin (Vata)

10 -15 Facials

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